Who we are

Huber, is an engineering company that has dedicated its efforts to the creation of equipment and systems for the Aquaculture world. With almost 20 years of experience in this area, HUBER is one of the leading companies in the creation of solutions for fish feeding.

Additionally, HUBER has orientated his efforts in the area of thermodynamic, because of being so close to the needs of the aquaculture in its early stages.


HUBER was created in 1991, as a company oriented to the industrial service in the areas of the electronics and electricity. In 1999 the company made important changes, orienting its efforts mainly to the aquaculture, giving strenght to new feeding equipments developments based on pneumatic transport of the food by the integration of high-level technologies. In 2006, HUBER consolidated as an important supplier for feeding equipments, and as a leading company in the "feeding systems" innovation with new control software. The automation of processes and the consultancy and implementation of thermodynamic projects are still part of the services offered.

At this time HUBER has an important number of feeding equipments distributed among the major fish producers, operating in the Chilean regions X (10th) and XIth (11th), several systems for cooling/warming of water in fish farmings and systems for monitoring and controlling temperatures in process plants of the aquaculture industry.

HUBER has consolidated as an excellent after-sales service provider, managing a good confidence relationship with his clients.


To be a leading company in the advising and generation of innovative solutions in engineering and automation of industrial processes for the aquaculture industry in Chile and the world, and opened to the industry in general, based on the seriousness and commitment of its highly qualified personnel, with solid ethical and moral principles, motivated by the value of the work well done and delivering their potential maximum.